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Frequently Asked Questions

Most visitors come to the Florida Keys because of the relaxed atmosphere, world famous bars and restaurants, and of course, the fishing. But there are many other reasons to vacation in the Keys.

The Florida Keys are the only places in the United States where you can experience a tropical island paradise without the expense of boat or air travel.  The scenery, ecology, and pristine beaches are unlike anywhere else in America, and yet the Keys are a convenient and affordable vacation destination.  As you travel the length of US-1, you will find that each island has its own culture, its own hidden treasures, and its own pristine natural beauty.

This convenient, tropical setting has made the Keys a popular destination for over a century, which is why the Keys are steeped in history and culture.  Famous artists and writers like Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams and even U.S. presidents and dignitaries such as Harry S. Truman drew much of their inspiration from the extensive time they spent in the Florida Keys.  Whether you enjoy getting out on the water, relaxing on the beach, visiting the restaurants and bars, or soaking in the history and culture, the Keys truly have something for everybody.

What is there to do in the Keys?

Many visitors to the Keys are outdoorsy people who come to enjoy the islands' unique location. The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico provide plenty of water and a fantastic array of marine life for visitors who come to dive and snorkel among the only coral reef in the United States and take advantage of world-class sport fishing.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there is a wealth of things to do and see – world-class snorkeling; scuba diving; deep-sea fishing; exploring the Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson, a 19-th century coastal fortification off Key West that is only accessible by boat or sea plane; taking a kayak trip to the Keys' backcountry to view the lush flora, birds and marine life; and, a glass-bottom boat ride that puts you at eye level with marine life.

These are but just a few of the possibilities. Those that prefer the party life are right at home in the vast number of bars and restaurants that provide endless entertainment including street festivals like the annual Fantasy Fest and the nightly Sunset Celebration at Key West's Mallory Square.

And finally, for those looking to explore the history of the islands and do a little sightseeing, there is the Best of Key West – Ernest Hemingway's Home, the Key West Aquarium, the Key West Lighthouse Museum, Theatre of the Sea, Key West's Shipwreck Historeum, and more.

How are the beaches?

Most who are making the Keys their vacation destination, arrive at Miami International Airport, rent a car, and drive to their final destination. You can be in the Upper Keys within an hour or plan on a three-hour drive if you are traveling to Key West – the southernmost Key. This is mostly a two-lane road over land and water and you can expect routine backups Friday afternoons and Sunday evenings as South Floridians head for their favorite getaway.

Connections to Marathon and Key West International Airports are available from Miami and Fort Lauderdale International Airports. Facilities are available at both airports in the Keys to accommodate travelers flying in private aircraft.

Visitors not interested in air travel have a wide variety of ground transportation options to reach their destination as several shuttle bus and limo services are also available from these airports to the Keys.

Ferry services between Key West and Fort Myers and Marco Island are available. These services are seasonal and are closed May through November.

How can I plan activities for our vacation?

Look at one of the many links under "Keys Guide" on our site or call and we would be glad to assist you in directing you to the local businesses.

You have many beautiful properties available. How should I communicate to you the ones we are interested in renting?

Either list the desired property ID's or your rental criteria on our "Contact Us" page, or just give us a call. We know all of our rentals and would be glad to describe them.